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The Complete Selection Service helps our customers go from business need to purchase decision - from needing ideas and new vendor options to preferred bidder announcement. 

We can complete the full puzzle and support your IT purchase from start to finish. From 'which technology can help us?', through the longlists and shortlists, and on to vendor selection and support of your business case.

Our Complete Selection Service is designed to bring every element of Viewpoint Analysis together and at your disposal. 

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Key Steps

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Tell us your technology need and we will work with you to build a list of suitable vendors capable of solving your problem.

We will take responsibility for writing up your vendor briefing in a language the vendors will understand and appreciate. 

We will activate our vendor network and seek out initial conversations and expressions of interest.

We will run Matchmaker presentations to bring suitable vendors to your door and showcase how they can address your challenge.

We will arrange, invite, host, and compere the session - at your site or virtually. We will hear the options, we will understand the way the businesses work - and you can then decide which vendors to take through the selection process.

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Once we know who from your longlist are real contenders for your business, we run our selection process. You have the choice of two quick and professional approaches:

  1. Rapid RFP - for customers who want to run an RFP process but also want to move quickly and remove the traditional delays associated with an RFP.

  2. Meet My Need - our RFP avoidance solution - quicker, more creative and easier for all parties.

When it comes time to make the all-important final vendor decision - we are with you. All of our services are at your disposal. They include:

Vendor Head to Head service where we assess the final selection group (usually 2 or 3) against key metrics in order to provide an impartial viewpoint to the selection committee.

Deal Mediation - we let you negotiate the contract and commercial terms, but if you need us, we are willing and able to broker an agreement and work to find common ground.

Pre-Purchase Report - to provide due diligence and support the funding request, we can provide a full pre-purchase report that includes seeking out and speaking to vendor references and a 360 viewpoint on the vendor's business.

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Get in

Want to know more? Drop us a note at the link below and we will be in contact as soon as we can.

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