Competitor Analysis panel

Are you losing deals and don't know why?

 The Viewpoint Panel is all about answering your 'unknown'. Why are customers choosing another vendor? Will my target audience like our new business idea? Is our new logo going to work?

The 'Competitor Analysis Panel' is a very focused type of Viewpoint Panel - looking specifically at your competitors and how you match up against them. It could be that you want to know why you are losing so many deals. It could be that you want to know how you can differentiate your services. It might take the form of a simple win/loss meeting. We aim to answer your unknown through our Competitor Analysis Panel - whatever that may be.




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Sometimes you just need honest feedback. The difficulty comes in actually finding a forum where you can get that unfettered feedback.. That's where the Competitor Analysis Panel comes into its own. Tell us more about your requirement and we'll build a Viewpoint Panel that fits your needs. We will host the event and we will moderate it if required. But more important than that, we'll source the right personas to ensure you get just what you need to hear.

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The Right


We know that getting the right people to the event is the most important aspect. Good feedback from the wrong people is not half as useful as great feedback from the right people. We will work hard to understand who you believe are the right personas. For a Competitor Analysis Panel the aim is usually to speak to prospects that didn't choose you.

Competitor Analysis Panel

A typical Competitor Analysis Panel tends to try to understand why a prospective customer chose another vendor rather than you. At a basic level this might therefore just include one individual or one team of people from the company in question. However, a panel may also be made up of a selection of different businesses that make up recent losses.

We recommend that a Viewpoint Analysis employee hosts and moderates the event and suggest that only a small number of key representatives join from the IT vendor. This leads to an open and flowing conversation where we maintain a professional and impartial feedback loop in order to gain the most from the participants.

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As important as the right people - it needs to be paired with the right event. Depending upon your need we will recommend different options that may be appropriate for you to get the most out of the session(s). It may need just one short virtual meeting or it could be a series of events. It may rely on the same audience or it might need different participants for different aspects. The Viewpoint Team will advise as to the best approach and let you make the ultimate decision.

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Want to know more about the Viewpoint Panel service? Download the brochure. Request a call back and we would be happy to explain more about the service to start the ball rolling.